Boat and raft rental

Price 1 dayPrice 1/2day + ASCPrice 1 day + ASC
Kayak250 CZK290 CZK350 CZK
Raft 2 pers. (Baraka, Yukon)250 CZK350 CZK400 CZK
Raft 4-7 pers. (Pulsar, Hobit, Colorado)590 CZK790 CZK990 CZK
Canoe (only by pre-order)250 CZK

* – ASC = artificial slalom course

The rate resolution of 1/2day x day is the 13:00 hour.

In the case of a USD rent, the life jackets and helmets are also included in the price.



raft Colorado

COLORADO 450 is a perfect boat for holiday trips on the river with family or for sailing on the wild water to a medium level of difficulty. The six-seater boat is designed for a sporty way of cruising. The open stern ensures the flow of water in t

he rapids. Legendary COLORADO served as a vessel on many expeditions to remote corners of the world and is still the most popular racing boat in the Czech Republic.



BARAKA is a two-seater rack with excellent handling. It has a pendulous sleeve, so you will not be surprised by even smaller waves. Easily foldable and transportable. The middle inflatable roller rack reinforces and serves as a child seat.
Load capacity 350kg


Raptor for rentKayak RAPTOR is ideal for downhill and difficult terrain, for races in the extreme downriver. With a stable bottom, the kayak is also suitable for beginners and midsummer to help overcome the first waves. Developers have managed to design a fast and at the same time skilful boat for the general public.
Load capacity 110 kg


kayak VelocKayak VELOC is a creekboat suitable for rivers with less flow. But it still has plenty of volumes for biger rivers. Veloc is fast enough also for extreme races. The ZET workshop kayak, inspired by the successful RAPTOR kayak, has great stability and excellent maneuverability. Suitable for lighter riders.


Toro - sport equipment rental

The TORO is not specific to only racing or expeditions but is aimed at all categories of paddlers, from serious whitewater racers to beginners in a local kayak club. The Toro’s progressive bow gives it a racing disposition, a stable stern and innovative hull keep it stable and maneuverable. This boat is incredibly easy to steer and keep on line. The Toro is a kayak designed for all paddlers who want to enjoy the river in every aspect.

Load capacity 65 – 95 kg


Five - sport equipment rentalFIVE is an aggressive whitewater boat, gliding nicely over waves and holes, accelerating like a demon and holding its line without any reduction in speed. FIVE is a boat for proactive whitewater paddlers.

The width and the length of the FIVE mean that the boat holds its line perfectly and accelerates very fast. The hull is designed to release well from the water and, as such, to be predictable, yet aggressive in proper whitewater. A rockered bow and balanced hull with no “catchy” features makes it easy to maneuver and sensitive to paddle strokes, qualities that mean the boat will perform well in a whitewater race environment.

Load capacity 60-90kg


Director - sport equipment rentalThe DIRECTOR is biggest boat in the Zet kayak range! With a length of almost 2.7 metres and a volume of 360 litres, this boat is perfect for multi-day expeditions, extreme races and for all of those bigger paddlers out there. Despite its length the boat is extremely manoeuvrable and holds a line with ease, therefore excelling on difficult whitewater.

Load capacity 75-110kg


Kayak TUNATuna -sport equipment rental is a fast kayak for extreme wild water racing. It behaves very well both on a quieter surface and in extreme waves, it does not stay in the rolls with the right run and can change direction very well. Both the seat and the support can be easily and quickly set.

Load capacity 75-110kg


Release -sport equipment rentalPrijon RELEASE is suitable as a playboat or for a rodeo. It is a lively and agile boat that responds lightly to the riders’ tilts and commands. It is suitable for smaller and lighter riders.

Load capacity 55-85kg

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