European Rafting Championship 21.-25.8.2023

After a longer break, the European Rafting Championship is returning to the Czech Republic. The best European crews will present themselves at the Vodácké centrum České Budějovice in sprint and technical disciplines, and then they will ride an endurance descent under Lipno.

Program for the European Rafting Championship 2023:

21.-22.8. Arrival, registration, training in Vodácké centrum České Budějovice, Vyšší Brod

23.8. SPRINT and H2H race, Vodácké centrum České České Budějovice

24.8. SLALOM race, Vodácké centrum České Budějovice

25.8. DOWNRIVER race, Vyšší Brod, SJEZD training, Čertovy proudy

26.8 DOWNRIVER race, Čertovy proudy Award ceremony + championship closing ceremony, Vodácké centrum České Budějovice

From the above program it can be seen that rafters will only be an obstacle on the canal for us during the week before Lipno – from Monday 21.8. to Thursday 24.8. – then they will move to compete on Devils streams. So those who are still a little afraid of Lipno can still ride with us

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